Will your capital be enough for expanding your jewelry business

Will Your Capital Be Enough For Expanding Your Jewelry Business?

On a serious note, according to a business survey published in February of 2000 it showed that fifty-six percent of those who got into the jewelry business didn’t feel that they were compensated well enough for their time.

Any growing business whether it’s a food chain or a jewelry shop requires capital. Regardless whether these came from your reinvested earnings or from outside sources, having a capital you can depend on is necessary. A lot of people who run small-scale part time businesses reinvest most of their profit for a capital. The nice thing about reinvesting is that you can expand your business without going deep into debt.

It is worth mentioning that if ever you do decide to quit your day job and rely on your profits, there won’t be much money left to reinvest in equipment, supplies, and inventory. This is why it is very important to have enough money to sustain the needs of your business as well as your personal needs. This money will forever be tied to your equipment, daily cash flow needs as well as inventory.

If at this point you still don’t have that much money for your business then it is essential to wait until you’ve grown your savings to the desired amount or you could simply apply for a loan.

Aside from these, you also have to decide on a marketing strategy.

In order to increase your probability of achieving your target, it would be wise if you studied your marketing strategy.

Exploring new marketing channels is also a good way to go. You can start off my creating a list of all your probable options these can include sales representatives, craft shows, home shows, trade shows, print advertising, and websites. In order to avoid mishaps, you need to do some research. If you can reach out to your customers and talk to them and track down as many prospects as you can. Browse the web, check out your competition, visit different shows and see what’s out there.

You should also be aware of your production capacity. Do know that production can either make or break you so you have to be careful. As you might have known by now, buyers can be brutally unforgiving so if you ever miss a deadline, your orders can get canceled without questions asked.

This is why it is important that you know your production capacity so you can announce realistic delivery dates. Two of the most basic components of production that you need to study and take note of are materials and labor.

Indeed, leaving everything behind in search of greener pastures isn’t going to be easy especially when it comes to money. Before you make a decision you have to weigh all aspects of your business venture so you won’t end up bankrupt and full of regrets. Good luck!

Where Can You Buy Men’s Jewelry Gifts

Where Can You Buy Men’s Jewelry Gifts?

Like any other jewelry, you can always find men’s jewelry both online and offline. By online it means you need to look for trusted e-commerce websites since jewelry comes with a high price. So if you don’t want to end up losing money and not getting anything in return (think of scams and fake websites) then it’s best if you do your research well. One of the trusted jewelry stores found on the Internet is Niv’s Bling. You can look it up in search engine sites and if you click on their site you will be directed to their landing page where you will find an array of jewelry pieces that are all for sale.

But if you feel secure to shop for men’s jewelry items then you should visit brick-and-mortar shops so you can see the jewelry yourself. There are also a lot of retail stores in shopping malls and even in the city.

The advantage though if you opt to shop for jewelry pieces online especially if it’s already your second or third time to make a purchase in the same shop is that it’s so convenient. You don’t have to drive all the way to the mall and stress yourself out looking for a parking space since if it’s done online all you have to do is to fire up your computer, click on the icon for the Internet and start shopping for jewelry. Anther nice thing about shopping online like in Niv’s Bling is that everything is already ironed out for you so all you have to do is to click on specific categories. So if you are looking for customized men’s necklaces, you click on the customized men’s necklaces area or if you are after bracelets all you have to do is to look for the label that says bracelets the same goes for earrings, rings, and anklets. There are also online e-commerce stores that will help you filter out what you want. Like you can even choose the type of metal used, the type of style and the type of jewelry.


Your man is working so hard to provide for your needs and your wants and it’s your time to give something back in return, to show him that you appreciate all his efforts and hard work. One way to show your love for him and your appreciation is to give him jewelry as gifts. It’s not often that women give gifts because most of the time they are the receivers. Make a difference and surprise your man with these luxurious gifts that will surely make his heart melt.


Quitting your Day Job for a Jewelry BusinessQuitting your Day Job for a Jewelry Business

Quitting your Day Job for a Jewelry Business: Worth it or Not

At some point in our lives we begin to question the routine, we begin to question what we do. Often times we manage to convince ourselves that it’s high-time we take a giant leap of faith to know what’s on the other side unless we’re content with what we have and what we’ve been doing for the last couple of years. If however, you’re contemplating about whether or not you should quit your full-time day job for a jewelry business then you’ve come to the right place because this blog post will help you come up with a decision you won’t regret later on.

Quitting a job requires a lot of consideration and contemplation especially at this time where every human being on the face of the earth is searching for a decent job. Always know that soon as you tender that resignation, hundreds of eager applicants will fill your place even before you’ve finished boxing up your things. Therefore, you have to make your decision count. It has to be a decision that you can stick with for the upcoming years. The question playing in your mind would be this, is it worth it to quit my job to pursue a jewelry business which by the way was born out of a random hobby that you were extremely passionate about?
Before you can say yes or no you need to consider a number of aspects of your business.
In the grand scheme of things, can you really afford to leave your job for a business in the jewelry industry?
A couple of basic number churning might give you an idea if it’s a good idea to leave your job or not.

• How much cash do you need to live on?
• How much money does your business currently make?
• How many sales would you need to complete in order to meet your needs financially?

Common sense will tell you that it’s going to be impossible to come up with answers unless you hit the books. Most jewelers detest accounting especially when it comes to tracking down revenues and expenses. Luckily, there are trustworthy accounting systems you can set up to save you time and grief the more you grow your business. There are also great software packages that you can modify to meet your business’ specific requirements. These programs will calculate your financial reports for you automatically.

A Guide to Buying Your Man The Perfect Jewelry Gifts

A Guide to Buying Your Man The Perfect Jewelry Gifts

It goes without saying that jewelry can be considered as a luxury gift because of its notorious price tag. Because it is hailed as a luxurious gift, men love to have them. Unfortunately, most women miss this clue. As a matter of fact, when it comes to gift giving they don’t even consider jewelry as an option at all. Not a lot of women know that there are tons of jewelry pieces that are bespoke and customized for men exclusively. And if you give jewelry as a gift you are adding a touch of class to your man’s apparel.

Anyone should become familiar with men’s jewelry. This is the goal of this article. If you have a boyfriend, a lover or a husband and if you don’t know what to give them on their birthday you may want to consider buying them jewelry as gifts for a change.

  • Men’s Earrings

If your man already had his ears pierced then that would serve as your cue. You should buy him a nice pair of earrings. The majority of men wear studs so this leaves you shopping for simple earrings made from precious stones and metals. A lot of men prefer to wear gold studs since these are more suitable for work and for social occasions. For men who are more confident and daring, diamond studs are an excellent choice. Diamond studs are considered top choice because of its high-quality gemstones. If you give your man a pair of diamond studs he’ll surely feel ecstatic about it. Aside from diamonds, there are other gemstones available but just make sure that the color you choose is the color your man would want to wear. To be safe, go for earthy undertones or go for darker hues. Before anything, observe how many earrings your man wears so you can buy the appropriate amount and not waste money.

  • Men’s Rings

There are also men who are fond of wearing rings to express their sense of fashion and to reveal their personal style. Men’s rings are different from women’s because their rings are much wider and much thicker. The rings are purposefully designed this way to look more appealing when worn in men’s hands since we know men’s hands are relatively larger so if you put a thin ring on its finger it would barely get noticed.

One option for most men who like simple jewelry is a gold band with geometric designs. However, there are men who find beauty in small gemstones and diamonds because of its luxury and sparkle. A signet ring is another popular ring of choice among men. A signet ring has a wide, flat surface from where the initials of the wearer, a family crest or symbol or the wearer’s family name are inscribed.

The design and the font of the initials or the family name can be customized according to what the wearer wants, which makes a signet ring a very suitable ring to suit any taste. This is an excellent gift to give your man who values family.

  • Chains and Necklaces

Before you buy your man chains and necklaces always know that not all men are at ease wearing chains and not all of them are comfortable with necklaces. So before you make that purchase always go back to your man’s preference. However, there are men who adore necklaces especially if the style suits their taste. Plain gold chains are the most in demand necklaces for men. There are some men who like to add pendants to their chains. Pendants can be religious symbols, it could be an oversized initial or it could be a crest. Basically, it all boils down to what your man wants.

  • Money Clips

Money clips are the metal clips you see that hold bills together. These clips are designed to fasten bills in place although some contain spaces for credit cards and for identification cards. Although mundane, money clips can be made of precious metals so it can still be considered as a luxury gift. Unlike your wallets that are made of fabric or leather, your money clips since they are made of metal will never wear. Most money clips are engraved so women who want to give money clips as presents can have the option to customize it. Although the basic shape of a money clip doesn’t vary, there are other designs that really make a statement.

There are money clips that are shaped like a massive paper clip and there other money clips that are shaped into a dollar sign. These are actually perfect gift ideas for men who have a sense of humor.


Jewelry Items For Men

Jewelry Items For Men

There is several men’s jewelry that may look familiar to us like earrings and chains but there are actually other jewelry pieces that are uniquely intended for a man’s distinct clothing needs. If your husband is a sucker for suits then there are plenty of jewelry items that would really hit the mark and make him the star of the night. There are other types of jewelry that will show your man’s loyalty to his favorite sport or his inclination to his favored pop culture icons.

  • Belt Buckles

Just so you know, cowboys aren’t the only ones who wear belt buckles. Belt buckles are made from sterling silver material and are inscribed with elaborate designs compatible to your man’s workplace or if he is fond of nightclubs.  A lot of high-quality belts designed for men are designed to have switchable buckles. To check if it has one you can pull the folded flap of the leather on its back side closest to the buckle. Most of the time this is fastened with a snap and can be pulled separately to fit new buckles. Belt buckles have different styles and they range from casual to formal so ensure that your man can really make use of your belt buckle as a gift. There are other men who prefer casual wear and they would appreciate belt buckles that have logos of their favorite sports team. Some men prefer comic book characters while others prefer their culture references. However, the styles for belt buckles aren’t limited to these, there are plenty of other styles and designs available to suit individual tastes.

  • Pins

Pins are often seen worn on a jacket or blazer’s lapel. These are very popular with men. Some of the most popular pins are sports team logos and those that symbolize their membership to famed organizations. A classic design of a pin is a flag lapel. If you want to give your man pins as gifts make sure that you look for those that are made from gold or are gold plated. Pins that have colors make use of enamel instead of pain or plastic.

  • Bolo Ties

A bold tile is a unique piece of jewelry worn by men. Basically, a bolo tie is a thin cord made of leather that is often mixed with metal or silver tips fastened around the neck and allowed to hang down the chest area. The bolo tie is fastened with an ornamental clip that is made from precious metals or silver and decorated with gemstones or engraving. But do know that not all men are fond of wearing ties so if you don’t see your man sporting ties it might be a bad idea to buy him a bolo tie because it would be useless.  A clue if you should buy him one is if your man already owns one or two bolo ties, which means that he is open to the idea of donning one.

  • Tie Clips

If your man already has cuff links, rings and earrings another gift idea to give him are tie clips. Tie clips make for an excellent gift if your man is fond of dressing up. A tie clip is something that fastens your man’s necktie to his shirt. If you’ve noticed, a necktie when worn without a tie clip can flap loose and it can be very disturbing that’s why you need tie clips to keep it in place. Aside from keeping it still, it’s also an excellent accent to the necktie. A tie clip can be as basic as a precious metal like silver or gold sans any design yet despite this it still makes an impact on your man’s overall look. There are also other variations to tie clips like those encrusted with gemstones and diamonds, those that are engraved and many other designs.

If your man has collections of patterned ties we suggest you go for the basic tie clip. But if your man has tons of solid-colored ties you can find a clip that has elaborate ornamentations to make it look visually appealing. Keep in mind that tie clips are very obvious since it’s found on your chest area so make sure that the tie clips you choose are appropriate and would complement his ties. The last thing you want is for your man to feel embarrassed with the ties you bought him. If your man uses suits when going out to nightclubs or dining out in restaurants then you can just buy him any tie clips whether it’s basic or elaborate, anything goes.

  • Cuff Links

Cufflinks are your best bet for men who love to dress up. Cufflinks fit most dress shirts so it’s a very safe gift to give your man if he often wears dress shirts. Cufflinks keep a man’s cuffs closed instead of the usual buttons found at the wrist. Usually, these cufflinks are so small, not larger than an ordinary button you see in dress shirts. But despite their size they are often made of precious materials, enamel, gemstones, silver, and gold. Men’s suits are tailored in a way that the shirt cuffs extend one inch to two inches past the sleeves to make the cufflinks visible. This is an excellent opportunity for men to accessorize their look. Just like your rings and other forms of jewelry, cufflinks are available in almost any design you could ever imagine. Just like your signet rings, there are also signed cuff rings that show a man’s identity and initials. Signet cufflinks are very popular in the jewelry market.

Aside from signet cufflinks, you’ll also find cufflinks that come in numerous shapes. Sports enthusiasts will definitely love basketball or football-shaped cuff links. Computer geeks and those who love technology will surely fall head over heels in love with silver cuff links that are shaped into computer keys. If you plan to give your man cuff links on his birthday or as an anniversary gift it would be best if you figure out what he is passionate about or what interests him so you can customize your cuff links according to his passion and interest. Keep in mind that cufflinks can be worn with any man’s dress shirt but there are some that are specially designed to accommodate certain cuff links.