A Guide to Buying Your Man The Perfect Jewelry Gifts

A Guide to Buying Your Man The Perfect Jewelry Gifts

It goes without saying that jewelry can be considered as a luxury gift because of its notorious price tag. Because it is hailed as a luxurious gift, men love to have them. Unfortunately, most women miss this clue. As a matter of fact, when it comes to gift giving they don’t even consider jewelry as an option at all. Not a lot of women know that there are tons of jewelry pieces that are bespoke and customized for men exclusively. And if you give jewelry as a gift you are adding a touch of class to your man’s apparel.

Anyone should become familiar with men’s jewelry. This is the goal of this article. If you have a boyfriend, a lover or a husband and if you don’t know what to give them on their birthday you may want to consider buying them jewelry as gifts for a change.

  • Men’s Earrings

If your man already had his ears pierced then that would serve as your cue. You should buy him a nice pair of earrings. The majority of men wear studs so this leaves you shopping for simple earrings made from precious stones and metals. A lot of men prefer to wear gold studs since these are more suitable for work and for social occasions. For men who are more confident and daring, diamond studs are an excellent choice. Diamond studs are considered top choice because of its high-quality gemstones. If you give your man a pair of diamond studs he’ll surely feel ecstatic about it. Aside from diamonds, there are other gemstones available but just make sure that the color you choose is the color your man would want to wear. To be safe, go for earthy undertones or go for darker hues. Before anything, observe how many earrings your man wears so you can buy the appropriate amount and not waste money.

  • Men’s Rings

There are also men who are fond of wearing rings to express their sense of fashion and to reveal their personal style. Men’s rings are different from women’s because their rings are much wider and much thicker. The rings are purposefully designed this way to look more appealing when worn in men’s hands since we know men’s hands are relatively larger so if you put a thin ring on its finger it would barely get noticed.

One option for most men who like simple jewelry is a gold band with geometric designs. However, there are men who find beauty in small gemstones and diamonds because of its luxury and sparkle. A signet ring is another popular ring of choice among men. A signet ring has a wide, flat surface from where the initials of the wearer, a family crest or symbol or the wearer’s family name are inscribed.

The design and the font of the initials or the family name can be customized according to what the wearer wants, which makes a signet ring a very suitable ring to suit any taste. This is an excellent gift to give your man who values family.

  • Chains and Necklaces

Before you buy your man chains and necklaces always know that not all men are at ease wearing chains and not all of them are comfortable with necklaces. So before you make that purchase always go back to your man’s preference. However, there are men who adore necklaces especially if the style suits their taste. Plain gold chains are the most in demand necklaces for men. There are some men who like to add pendants to their chains. Pendants can be religious symbols, it could be an oversized initial or it could be a crest. Basically, it all boils down to what your man wants.

  • Money Clips

Money clips are the metal clips you see that hold bills together. These clips are designed to fasten bills in place although some contain spaces for credit cards and for identification cards. Although mundane, money clips can be made of precious metals so it can still be considered as a luxury gift. Unlike your wallets that are made of fabric or leather, your money clips since they are made of metal will never wear. Most money clips are engraved so women who want to give money clips as presents can have the option to customize it. Although the basic shape of a money clip doesn’t vary, there are other designs that really make a statement.

There are money clips that are shaped like a massive paper clip and there other money clips that are shaped into a dollar sign. These are actually perfect gift ideas for men who have a sense of humor.