Jewelry Items For Men

Jewelry Items For Men

There is several men’s jewelry that may look familiar to us like earrings and chains but there are actually other jewelry pieces that are uniquely intended for a man’s distinct clothing needs. If your husband is a sucker for suits then there are plenty of jewelry items that would really hit the mark and make him the star of the night. There are other types of jewelry that will show your man’s loyalty to his favorite sport or his inclination to his favored pop culture icons.

  • Belt Buckles

Just so you know, cowboys aren’t the only ones who wear belt buckles. Belt buckles are made from sterling silver material and are inscribed with elaborate designs compatible to your man’s workplace or if he is fond of nightclubs.  A lot of high-quality belts designed for men are designed to have switchable buckles. To check if it has one you can pull the folded flap of the leather on its back side closest to the buckle. Most of the time this is fastened with a snap and can be pulled separately to fit new buckles. Belt buckles have different styles and they range from casual to formal so ensure that your man can really make use of your belt buckle as a gift. There are other men who prefer casual wear and they would appreciate belt buckles that have logos of their favorite sports team. Some men prefer comic book characters while others prefer their culture references. However, the styles for belt buckles aren’t limited to these, there are plenty of other styles and designs available to suit individual tastes.

  • Pins

Pins are often seen worn on a jacket or blazer’s lapel. These are very popular with men. Some of the most popular pins are sports team logos and those that symbolize their membership to famed organizations. A classic design of a pin is a flag lapel. If you want to give your man pins as gifts make sure that you look for those that are made from gold or are gold plated. Pins that have colors make use of enamel instead of pain or plastic.

  • Bolo Ties

A bold tile is a unique piece of jewelry worn by men. Basically, a bolo tie is a thin cord made of leather that is often mixed with metal or silver tips fastened around the neck and allowed to hang down the chest area. The bolo tie is fastened with an ornamental clip that is made from precious metals or silver and decorated with gemstones or engraving. But do know that not all men are fond of wearing ties so if you don’t see your man sporting ties it might be a bad idea to buy him a bolo tie because it would be useless.  A clue if you should buy him one is if your man already owns one or two bolo ties, which means that he is open to the idea of donning one.

  • Tie Clips

If your man already has cuff links, rings and earrings another gift idea to give him are tie clips. Tie clips make for an excellent gift if your man is fond of dressing up. A tie clip is something that fastens your man’s necktie to his shirt. If you’ve noticed, a necktie when worn without a tie clip can flap loose and it can be very disturbing that’s why you need tie clips to keep it in place. Aside from keeping it still, it’s also an excellent accent to the necktie. A tie clip can be as basic as a precious metal like silver or gold sans any design yet despite this it still makes an impact on your man’s overall look. There are also other variations to tie clips like those encrusted with gemstones and diamonds, those that are engraved and many other designs.

If your man has collections of patterned ties we suggest you go for the basic tie clip. But if your man has tons of solid-colored ties you can find a clip that has elaborate ornamentations to make it look visually appealing. Keep in mind that tie clips are very obvious since it’s found on your chest area so make sure that the tie clips you choose are appropriate and would complement his ties. The last thing you want is for your man to feel embarrassed with the ties you bought him. If your man uses suits when going out to nightclubs or dining out in restaurants then you can just buy him any tie clips whether it’s basic or elaborate, anything goes.

  • Cuff Links

Cufflinks are your best bet for men who love to dress up. Cufflinks fit most dress shirts so it’s a very safe gift to give your man if he often wears dress shirts. Cufflinks keep a man’s cuffs closed instead of the usual buttons found at the wrist. Usually, these cufflinks are so small, not larger than an ordinary button you see in dress shirts. But despite their size they are often made of precious materials, enamel, gemstones, silver, and gold. Men’s suits are tailored in a way that the shirt cuffs extend one inch to two inches past the sleeves to make the cufflinks visible. This is an excellent opportunity for men to accessorize their look. Just like your rings and other forms of jewelry, cufflinks are available in almost any design you could ever imagine. Just like your signet rings, there are also signed cuff rings that show a man’s identity and initials. Signet cufflinks are very popular in the jewelry market.

Aside from signet cufflinks, you’ll also find cufflinks that come in numerous shapes. Sports enthusiasts will definitely love basketball or football-shaped cuff links. Computer geeks and those who love technology will surely fall head over heels in love with silver cuff links that are shaped into computer keys. If you plan to give your man cuff links on his birthday or as an anniversary gift it would be best if you figure out what he is passionate about or what interests him so you can customize your cuff links according to his passion and interest. Keep in mind that cufflinks can be worn with any man’s dress shirt but there are some that are specially designed to accommodate certain cuff links.